Fontaine James


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A Note from Fontaine

Incroyable! has given me the pleasure and privilege of working and playing with truly gifted and generous friends. This group, who has come to be The Odd Fellows Hall, is always gung ho and eager to hold hands and take a leap. Simply by being in the same room with them, whether in songwriting sessions, rehearsals or recording, they challenge and coax me to be better - a better songwriter, a better vocalist, a better musician and a better friend.

    Produced by Adrian Holtz

     Music and lyrics by Fontaine James unless otherwise specified

        Shoes in a Sack lyrics by Fontaine James Blake Salamon, Ryan Flis and JP Colace

        Honey Pot lyrics by Fontaine James and Angela Bingham

        Night Falls lyrics by Fontaine James and Blake Salamon

     Lead vocals by Fontaine James unless otherwise noted

        Lead vocal on Honey Pot and Sexy House by Angela Bingham

        Featured vocal on Sparkle and Incroyable by Angela Bingham

        Lead vocal on Filson Bag by Blake Salamon

     Background vocals by Fontaine James, Adrian Holtz, Angela Bingham, Emerson Young,

                                         Jonny Santos and Blake Salamon

     Acoustic guitar by Fontaine James

     Musical arrangements composed and produced by Adrian Holtz  

     Mastered by Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound

     Published by Flomax VanDyke (ASCAP)

     Art Direction, Label Artwork and Graphic Design by Leonardo Aranda

     Illustrations by Ted Keys