The Odd Fellows Hall

- listening party -

Heading to the Moon


Barely There


Don't Waste A Smile


"THIS is American music - modern but informed by America's richly complex and rugged past. Imagine if Arlo Guthrie, Aaron Copeland and a bearded lady had passionate sex behind a circus tent in Oklahoma and conceived a baby. That baby would be Fontaine James. The narratives in every song paint such a vivid world of, well, odd fellows and ladies whose sheer weirdness is captivating. These lyrics practically kidnap you and hustle you off to a parallel land with the most peculiar inhabitants that somehow speak a language that you understand. The music sets you dreaming and transports you to a delightful Fontaine-tweaked wonderland - quirky, creepy, melancholy, hopeful, and happy all at once.

Silly, very cool and shockingly earnest at the same time."

Ron Norsworthy, The Norsworthy Fund